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FM4.13 Developing Relationships With Suppliers And Specialists In Facilities Management

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  • Apr 29, 2024

FM4.13 developing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management

The unit FM4.13 Developing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management emphasizes the critical domains of maintaining and establishing useful partnerships with the domain of Facilities Management and external entities. In the recent complexities of the business environment, the facilities managers have to recognise increasingly the significance of the suppliers and specialist collaboration to achieve the goals of the organisation effectively and efficiently. Another significant objective of this unit is to provide a strategic partnership. The facilities managers are required to analyse the specialists and suppliers whose services and products are aligned with the goals and requirements of the organisation. By providing the strategic Alliance, facilities managers can certify a reliable supply chain with specialist expertise accessibility pricing and terms which are favourable to negotiation.

These partnerships also play a great role in the complete Facilities Management success operations through increasing quality, risk mitigation and cost reduction. Another focal point of the unit FM4.13 is efficiency. The screen line development of the procurement process and channels of communication with the specialist and suppliers is significant for increasing of operational efficiency. Explicit communication, effective workflow and timely responses enable the facility managers to attain significant resources promptly and utilise the resources and delay reduction. The efficient relationship with the specialists and suppliers has a great contribution to smooth operations and helps facilities managers to meet the objectives of the organisation effectively.

Additionally, the unit FM4.13 also has the main focus on innovation promotion through collaboration. The facilities managers should actively engage with the specialists and suppliers to analyse the emerging technologies, trends and appropriate practices in Facilities Management. By providing external skills and providing an innovative culture, facilities managers can implement and identify novel solutions to check out the evolving challenges and enhance the facility`s performance. Collaborative innovation increases the sustainability and competitiveness of the practices of Facilities Management. In addition, it also positions the long-term success of the organisation. the sustainability and other critical concentration in the relationship development with the specialist and suppliers. Facilities managers increasingly give priority to the partners having entities that impress the sustainable practice and provide environmentally friendly services and products. By aligning with specialists and suppliers having eco-consciousness, an organisation can produce their footprint on the environment and increase the CSR “corporate social responsibility” efforts that meet the expectations of stakeholders for sustainability.

The unit FM4.13 also underscores the significance of the relationship cultivation with specialists and suppliers in Facilities Management to achieve the objectives of strategies. In addition, it enhances efficiency and certified sustainability with innovation promotion. These partnerships are significant to the resilience and success of the operations in Facilities Management in the recent landscape of dynamic business.

Unit objectives

The crucial points of the unit FM4.13 Developing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management are provided here:

  • To provide a strategic partnership and establish the mutual benefits in the relationship with the specialist and suppliers to certify the accessibility to high-quality services and products.
  • To streamline out process of procurement and channels of communication for optimisation of the resources and minimizing and utilising delays.
  • To encourage the supplier`s collaboration and specialist for the analysis and implementation of the innovative solution which enhances the practices of Facilities Management.
  • To prioritise the partnership with the specialists and suppliers who stick to the practice of sustainability reduce the influence of the environment and increase the efforts of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Learning outcomes

The significant aspects of the unit FM4.13 Developing relationships with suppliers and facilities management specialists are catered to learning outcomes.

LO1: Recognise the role of suppliers and specialists.
LO2: Recognise the way to appoint and select specialists and suppliers.
LO3:Recognise the way to monitor and manage suppliers and specialist performance.
LO4: Recognise the things that are included in the ending of suppliers or specialist relationships.

Assessment criteria

The learning outcomes of the unit FM4.13 Developing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management are paved in the assessment criteria such as:

LO1: Recognise the role of suppliers and specialists.

  • 1.1 Elaborate on the character of suppliers and specialists within the Facilities Management.
  • 1.2 Elaborate on the perks of the involvement of specialists and the time which is appropriate for the Specialist`s involvement.
    (Support the explanation by utilising the learner`s examples and experience for case studies for the demonstration of the benefits such as risk transfer, the expertise of industries, the scale of Economics, scalability and efficiency)

LO2: Recognise the way to appoint and select specialists and suppliers.

  • 2.1 Elaborate on the way to decide the criteria of selection and prepare the brief of the assignment.
    (Prepare the references to the Outsourcing reason (such as cost efficiency, risk management, and flexibility) The detailed requirement preparation, the particular criteria of selection( such as cost, experience, Time Scale, capacity, and capability) and the way through which multiple methods of procurement including open market tender may be according to the multiple situations)
  • 2.2 Elaborate on the way to agree on the deliverables and arrangement of reporting.

LO3:Recognise the way to monitor and manage suppliers and specialist performance.

  • 3.1 Elaborate the significance of the objective setting and review at the time of managing supplier or specialist performance.
  • 3.2 Elaborate the way through which suppliers` or specialists` performance is measured and monitored.
    (Support the justification by using examples instead of generating an exhaustive list such as actual performance review against SLA, meetings of formal contract review, escalation procedures, informal decisions, feedback and surveys for customer satisfaction)
  • 3.3 Elaborate on the method to encourage suppliers or specialists to continue performance improvement.
    (Support the examples by utilising examples instead of generating an exhaustive list for example additional business potential, benchmarking, and future contract references among clients)
  • 3.4 Elaborate on the category of remedial plans which are required if performance is below the required standards.
    (Support the whole explanation by utilising examples such as an agreement to the improvement plans, maximum review performance meetings, actions of clients for supporting suppliers, non-compliance penalties, and improvements made for recognition)

LO4: Recognise the things that are included in the ending of suppliers or specialist relationships.

  • 4.1 Elaborate the factors which can be considered for informing to decision and the supplier or specialist relationship.
    (Include the failures in the delivery of contracts, changes in the business direction of organisation or requirements, supplier or client failure relationship, and costs)
  • 4.2 Elaborate on the procedures and processes to be followed at the time of ending the supplier or specialist relationships.
    (Include the confirmation reasons for the termination, failure citations of substantiating, termination requirements addressed on a contract basis such as notice period etc, meetings review, exit plans management, termination dates, and service replacement plans.)
  • 4.3 Elaborate potential risk for contractual ending obligations.
    (Supplementary the explanation by using examples instead of trying to generate a useless such as performance worsening, of the brand, transfer of skills, property rights, and reasonable termination claims, setting up cost for contract replacement, discouraging contractors from applying for the contract future)

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