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FSP201 Working In Facilities Services

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  • Mar 04, 2024

FSP201 Working In Facilities Services

The core purpose of the unit FSP201 Working in Facilities Services is to make the learners able to understand the role of learning for facilities management and providing the services for working. Before moving ahead students must be able to recognise the concept of facilities service and its working. Working in the facilities services refers to maintaining and managing the environment physically for the organisation or faculty member to certify them the efficient and smooth operations. This field has the main concerned with the variety of responsibilities and tasks in terms of functionality and keeping up with the infrastructure and building. some of the significant aspects of working in facilities service include repair and maintenance, management and space planning, security and safety, utility management, janitorial and cleaning services, contract and vendor management, regulations and compliance, cost and budget control, coordination and communication.

The repair and maintenance provide the facility the services to the professionals who are responsible for maintaining repairing and inspecting the versatile faculty domains. These domains include plumbing, electrical systems, essential components and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The management and space planning include the optimisation of space with facility. The facility managers can be included in the office planning layout, workplace allocation and certifying the available space that can effectively utilise. the security and safety certify the security which is a crucial aspect. It includes the majors of security implementation, safety inspection conducting, and potential hazards understanding. Utility management facilitates the services to the professionals who are sometimes responsible for utilities management including electricity, gas and water. It includes the usage of monitoring with the implementation initiative of energy saving and repair coordination that is mandatory.

In addition, the sanitary and clean maintenance of the environment is significant for the occupant`s well-being. The facility service also includes the checking out of the cleanliness crew, waste disposal management and certifying the hygienic workplace. The contract management has great coordination with the external vendors for the services including supplies, repair and maintenance in the common services facilities. Contact management, agreement of negotiation and certified quality of the service are the main responsibilities. The building codes, regulations of safety and other requirements of the compilers as also important. The facilities service professionals are required to certify the meeting of facilities which is commendatory for the regulations and Standards. The management of budget maintenance and repair is relatable to the facility`s expense. The facility managers also have to keep a balance between the maintenance of effective cost with the high standard of service of the facility.

Objectives of the unit

The significant objectives of the unit FSP201 Working in Facilities Services include:

  • To increase awareness about the services of the facilities by examining the service categories provided by the organisation. The progress and the role of the job generate routes and prepare the process through which the facilities services add their contribution to the broad environment of the business.
  • To enhance awareness about the compilation and regulation which build codes with safety.
  • To make the learners able to recognise the principles of facilities management and increase insights of the technical knowledge in the domains of building systems, and planning of space.

Learning outcomes

Here are the learning outcomes of the unit FSP201 Working in Facilities Services.

LO1: Explore the range and nature of the services provided in the sector of facilities.

LO2: Explore the employment in the sector of facilities services.

LO3: Recognise the facilities and services contribution made by the organisation.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit FSP201 Working in Facilities Services emphasise the learning outcomes which are designed to portray the learning. These assessment criteria are given below.

LO1: Explore the range and nature of the services provided in the sector of facilities.

  • 1.1 State the contribution of the organisation in facilities services.
  • 1.2 List out the variety of typical services presented by the organisation in facilities services.
  • 1.3 Elaborate a services range provided by the organisations in facilities services.

LO2: Explore the employment in the sector of facilities services.

  • 2.1 Elaborate on difficult roles of the job within the sector of facilities.
  • 2.2 Explore the routes of career progression in the sector of facilities services.

LO3: Recognise the facilities and services contribution made by the organisation

  • 3.1 Provide examples of both soft and hard services of facilities.
  • 3.2 Provide examples of the ways of improvement in facilities services. It includes building services, water, waste and energy management and environment of work.

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