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What is IWFM?

IWFM qualification is referred to as ‘The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management’ that operates as a rewarding platform for learners and practitioners to accomplish skills, knowledge, and education in FM (Facilities Management). Moreover, there are immeasurable characteristics of IWFM qualification, let’s delve below at some of them:

  • IWFM qualification can, in the shape of any diploma, award, extended diploma and certificate.
  • The learner is free to take this course in school, college, university, workplace, regardless of any particular qualification.
  • It renders a perfect opportunity for the people who wish to build their career in Facilities Management since they can learn, practice, and experience the concepts of commercial aspects.
  • Develop a strong and deeper insight into the commercial environment that helps significantly in business and organisational requirements.
  • It increases the value of your employment or business and allows you to experience the theory in practical life.
  • It enhances the headway of career and future plans related to Facilities Management.
  • Along with all the pros, it enables the learner to make a better source of earning.
  • It contributes immensely to imparting you the comprehension and potentials that meet the professional standards.
  • The learner gets an international national recognised degree in FM.
  • The IWFM qualification is highly adaptable since it caters to desired study plans, duration, and level to the learner.

Levels of IWFM

The qualification of IWFM is emphasized on various levels and each level carries a different amount of knowledge for the employment position strata. Here are the versatile IWFM levels through which you can make decisions according to your eligibility and the requirement of certification, award and diploma.

  • Level 2

  • Level 2 of IWFM contains the introduction of basic facility management and workplace concepts. The program certificate renders a robust foundation that caters to crucial skills in the domains including, basic services of the facility, asset tracking, space management, and groundwork for the fields of professional development. It also offers certificates for the learners.

  • Level 3

  • Level 3 of IWFM is a diploma qualification that generates the foundation knowledge. It emphasises the management of workplace with the detailed recognition in domains like asset management, space optimization and facilities services that enhance the crucial skills for effective workplace and facilities professionals.

  • Level 4

  • Level 4 of IWFM is a certificate program as well as a diploma program that advanced the skills of the Facilities Management and workplace. It emphasises the decision-making and strategies of thinking catering to difficult domains of asset management, and space optimisation and makes the professionals able to take the difficult responsibilities at the workplace.

  • Level 5

  • IWFM Level 5 is also a certificate and diploma program and learners who want to emphasise leadership skills in Facilities Management and the workplace can take this level. It renders the advanced knowledge into the planning of strategies, team management and service optimisation. It also provides great equipment to the professionals about the skills that are required for them for the impactful role of leadership in the industry.

  • Level 6

  • Level 6 of IWFM is a diploma qualification that accelerates the strategic leadership skills of professionals. It emphasises innovation and develops incredible skills in Facilities Management and an advanced workplace where the leaders get prepared for difficult challenges.

  • Level 7

  • IWFM level 7 is equivalent to a postgraduate diploma or master`s degree with the representation of a Pinnacle of skills. The main emphasis of the course is on the research and strategic thinking that equip the learners with advanced-level skills for leadership transformation in Facilities Management and the workplace.

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We Have a Wide Assemblage of IWFM Assignment under One Roof

  • FSP201 Working in facilities services
  • FSP202 Health and safety for facilities services
  • FSP203 Working with customers and others in facilities services
  • FSP204 Sustainability and environmental issues for facilities services
  • FM3.01 Introduction to facilities management
  • FM3.02 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability in facilities management
  • FM3.03 Customer and stakeholder relations in facilities management
  • FM3.04 Specification and procurement of facilities supplies and services
  • FM3.05 Health and safety responsibilities in facilities management
  • FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities management
  • FM3.06 Project management within facilities management operations
  • FM3.07 Budget management of facilities management operations
  • FM3.08 Understanding facilities management within the context of an organisation
  • FM3.09 Understanding support services operations in an organisation
  • FM3.10 Space allocation in facilities management
  • FM3.11 Building maintenance in facilities management
  • FM3.11 Building maintenance in facilities management
  • FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers
  • FM3.13 Contribute to disaster recovery and contingency planning
  • FM3.14 Understanding access management and inclusion
  • FM3.15 Leadership, management and personal development
  • FM4.01 Overview of facilities management
  • FM4.02 Understanding facilities management strategy
  • FM4.03 Understanding people management in facilities management
  • FM4.04 Understanding facilities management support services operations
  • FM4.05 Managing health and safety in own area of facilities management
  • FM4.06 Understanding risk management in facilities management
  • FM4.07 Understanding financial management in facilities management
  • FM4.08 Understanding the business organisation and its impact on facilities management
  • FM4.09 Understanding performance measurement in facilities management
  • FM4.10 Understanding leadership and management in facilities management
  • FM4.11 Understanding the management of information and knowledge in facilities management
  • FM4.12 Understanding facilities management projects
  • FM4.13 Developing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management
  • FM4.14 Understanding quality management in facilities management
  • FM4.15 Managing customer service in facilities management
  • FM4.16 Understanding property and asset management for facilities managers
  • FM4.17 Understanding property, fabric and building services maintenance for facilities managers
  • FM4.18 Understanding space management for facilities managers
  • FM4.19 Understanding sustainability and environmental issues and the impact on facilities management
  • FM4.20 Understanding energy and utilities management in facilities management
  • FM4.21 Understanding procurement and contract management for facilities management
  • FM4.22 Managing accessibility and inclusion and its impact on facilities management
  • FM4.23 Supporting change initiatives in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management
  • FM4.24 Innovation in facilities management

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