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FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects

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  • Apr 25, 2024

FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects

The unit FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects deals with the intricate principles and processes included in project management within the field of Facilities Management. Facilities Management projects deal with a variety of activities which has the aim to maintain optimise and improve the environment building to meet the objectives of organisation and requirements of state folders. This unit also provides learners with a comprehensive recognition of the significant elements of Facilities Management which include execution, control, monitoring and planning. It identifies the multiple project management stages from completion to Inception. In addition, it also emphasizes the significance of the stakeholders` engagement, Effective communication, and Management of risk throughout the lifecycle of the project.

In addition, the learners can also deal with the particular challenges and consideration profit to the project of Facilities Management. It also includes the navigation of the regulated requirements addressing safety and health concerns, management of environmental influence and coordination with multiple stakeholders including the maintenance team, facility occupants, vendors and contractors. This unit also greater the significant techniques and tools utilise and the project of Facilities Management including cost estimation, risk assessment, procurement, quality management and scheduling. The learners can also increase the practical inside into the way through which they utilise these tools for the optimisation of the project outcome while sticking to the constraints of budget and timelines.

Moreover, this unit also explores the technological role in project management efficiency enhancement and effectiveness within the context of Facilities Management. It also includes the CAFM systems “computer added Facilities management”, BIM “building information Modelling” and IWMS “integrated workplace management system” to facilitate collaboration, streamline processes and enhance decision making. In the complete unit FM4.12, real-world examples and case studies are also employed to illustrate the principles and key concepts in the management of Facilities Management projects. The learners are also encouraged to identify these cases critically and analyse the learned lessons which apply to them to their own endeavour of project management.

To conclude the unit FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects also equipped the learners with the skills, to FM projects from completion to inception. By recognising the project management principle within the Facilities Management and providing the appropriate technology and methodologies the learners can get the empowerment to drive the successful outcomes of the project and contribute to the complete effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of Facilities Management.

Unit objectives

The main objectives of the unit FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects are based on these significant points.

  • To recognise the significant principles and project management process within the Facilities Management context.
  • To explore the facilities management project cycles from planning to initiation to closure, monitoring and execution.
  • To increase the inside in the profound challenges and considerations inherent by the facilities managers project including safety and health, regulatory compliance and management of stakeholders.
  • To learn significant techniques and tools for the useful project management of Facilities Management including cost estimation, Procurement, Risk assessment, quality management and scheduling.
  • To appreciate the character of technology including BIM and CAFM systems, in advance of collaboration decision-making and efficiency in the project of Facilities Management.

Learning objectives

The main learning outcomes of the unit FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects are demonstrated here:

LO1: Understand the project management in the Facilities Management.
LO2: Understand the way to generate project briefs in Facilities Management.
LO3: Understand the way to assemble the project teams in Facilities Management.
LO4: Understand the way to review and monitor the project progress in Facilities Management.
LO5: Understand the review and sign-off in project completion.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects are designed for paving the learning outcomes for the learners, such as:

LO1: Understand the project management in the Facilities Management.

  • 1.1 Elaborate the responsibilities rules and objectives of a project manager
    (Include the time delivery, quality and cost, compliance with safety and health with environment requirements, and stakeholders communication)
  • 1.2 Elaborate the tools techniques and methods which is utilised by a project manager to monitor manage and plan a project of Facilities Management
    (Provide a port of relatable techniques including software, for example, Microsoft project, critical path analysis, Gantt charts and methodology which are process-based such as PRINCE.
  • 1.3 Elaborate on the variety of projects which is typically expected by the side of authority managers to manage and organise.

LO2: Understand the way to generate project briefs in Facilities Management.

  • 2.1 Generate a brief of the project that includes the objectives and aim.
  • 2.2 Manage and generate the program of the project.
  • 2.3 Management budget of the project.

LO3: Understand the way to assemble the project teams in Facilities Management.

  • 3.1 Elaborate on the way to create, develop and devise a project team of Facilities Management having the potential to undertake the task to complete the project successfully.
    (Include the representation of stakeholders)
  • 3.2 Elaborate on the potential of teams with cross-functional in Facilities Management.
    (All the assessment criteria are comprised of the achievements which must be evidenced with the help of previous learning outcomes and similar projects and examples of learners)

LO4: Understand the way to review and monitor the project progress in Facilities Management.

  • 4.1 Monitor and organise a project to meet the program and project requirements.
  • 4.2 Analyse the problem through which the project manager can be required to address and elaborate on the way to agree on the amendments where required.
    (Check out and include the problems including the changes in supplier cost, user specification, business properties changes, and project personnel changes)
  • 4.3 Report on the progress to the sponsor of the project and interested parties.
    (Check out and include the techniques for progress reporting, project timelines updates and budgets, comparison of delivery against the specification of users, and variations of address)
  • 4.4 Monitor budget.

LO5: Understand the review and sign-off in project completion.

  • 5.1 Elaborate the way at the final of the project in Facilities Management all aspects are appropriately completed and the signed-off projects to the client.
  • 5.2 Elaborate on the way to identify the project and evaluate the development and success requirements to improve the performance in future.

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