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FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers
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  • Apr 01, 2024

FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers

The initial goal of unit FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers is tailored for the facilities managers to learn in terms of getting equipment skills and knowledge which are mandatory for efficient management of the organisational estate. Estate management is mainly comprised of multiple ranges of activities in terms of maintenance, utilisation, acquisition, and property disposal leased or owned by an organisation. Initially, the unit deals with the strategic domains of the estate management. It includes the recognition of the objectives and alignment of the organisation with the portfolio of the estate with its complete goals. The facilities managers acquire a way to assess the future and recent requirements of the organisation, analyse the trends of the market and generate long-term strategies for the estate which support the objectives of the business.

The second emphasis of the unit is the greater operational domains of estate management. facilities managers have the task of overseeing the daily activities in terms of the security, compliance and management of the property. They acquired the way of efficient implementation for scheduling maintenance, certifying the regulatory standard compliance and management of vendor contracts to uphold the safety and quality of the estate. Additionally, the unit also checks out the financial considerations of the estate management. The facilities managers must design their budget effectively for the expenses which are related to the property including upgrades, repair and maintenance. They acquired to identify the Data Analytics, and expenditure forecast, and make well-informed decisions to optimise the allocations of resources and increase the investment returns in the portfolio of estate.

The unit FM3.12 also finds out the risk management within the management of the estate. the facilities managers should identify the risks which are potentially associated with the leasing or ownership of the property including hazards of the environment, strategies of risk mitigation, and certify relevant regulations compliance to save cut the reputation and assets of the organisation. FM3.12. Moreover, it encompasses the oversight of the operation, planning of strategy, risk mitigation and financial management. The learners who have great knowledge of all these domains can usefully steward the portfolio of their estate to certify its alignment with the operational efficiency, and objectives of the business and remain viable in terms of finance with effective risk mitigation.

Unit Objectives

Here are the main objectives of unit FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers for the learner`s acquisition in FM.

  • To comprehend the responsibilities and Roles of estate management within the Facilities Management context to certify the useful optimisation of assets organisation.
  • Identify the practices and principles of estate management that include Property disposal, leasing, acquisition, and optimisation of assets for supporting the decision-making of strategy.
  • To analyse the influence of decisions in estate management on the objectives of the organisation, efficiency of operation and financial performance.
  • To develop skills in the planning of estate management, engagement of stakeholders and risk assessment to increase the functionality and value of the real estate portfolio of the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

The unit FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers has its learning outcomes demonstrated here:

LO1: Recognise the responsibilities in terms of occupation and ownership of property.

LO2: Recognise the charges and cost of the property.

LO3: Recognise the way to manage and set up the registers for fixed assets and property.

LO4: Recognise the factors included in the relocation of property.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit FM3.12 Understand the estate management function for facilities managers emphasises learning outcomes through which learners can increase their skills and learning.

LO1: Recognise the responsibilities in terms of occupation and ownership of property.

  • 1.1 Elaborate on the legislation influencing the use and ownership of assets and property.

    (Provider references of planning affected by legislation, matters of environment and liability of occupiers. Moreover, the 1954 act of landlord and tenant, safety and health legislation and the 2010 equality act. NB only the relevant overview of Facilities Management in every case needed rather than the detailed explanation of legislation)

  • 1.2 Elaborate on the limitations and benefits of being an owner-occupier and a tenant.
  • 1.3 Elaborate on the tenant and landlord`s obligation to everyone.

    (Provide the references by including the experience of learners and the typical or generic obligations in the commercial premises leases)

  • 1.4 Elaborate on the distinction between leasehold and freehold land tenure.

LO2: Recognise the charges and cost of the property.

  • 2.1 Elaborate the charges associated with the property provision that include service charges, insurance, rents and rates.

    (Add the topics including depreciation, capital cost and dilapidations)

  • 2.2 Elaborate the cost associated with the property, occupying that includes cleaning, energy use, and maintenance.
  • 2.3 Elaborate on the influence of the changes in the levels of occupancy on the cost in terms of occupation and property provision.

    (Utilise the examples to elaborate on the relative influence on variable and fixed costs.)

LO3: Recognise the way to manage and set up the registers for fixed assets and property.

  • 3.1 Elaborate on the purpose of registration in property assets.

    (Provide examples of property information for example dates of lease renewal, to assist the effective management of portfolio, balance sheet financial information, capital plans replacement and maintenance regimes)

  • 3.2 elaborate on the technology which can be utilised for providing assistance in managing and setting up a register for property assets.

    (For instance, databases, simple spreadsheets such as MS Access, CAFM or MS Excel, Management systems of Business and Finance, including IT programmers bespoke, SAP)

  • 3.3 Elaborate the information which can be found from a fixed asset and property register and elaborate the utilisation method of this information.

    (For instance, capital replacement, whole life costing, operating cost, legal compliance, performance comparison, and rates of asset utilisation)

LO4: Recognise the factors included in the relocation of property.

  • 4.1 Elaborate on the factors which drive businesses for decision-making to relocate into innovative premises.

    (For example, the growth or change of organisation, space shortage, efficiency of operation, financial pressure, estate rationalisation)

  • 4.2 Elaborate the factors that need to be considered in the new premises choices.

    (For example, the specialist utilisation (Consultants), appraisals of building, financial or economic appraisal)

  • 4.3 Elaborate on the phenomena of relocation organisations to Innovative premises.

    (Include the movement preparations, to removal of appointing contractor, the movement program, activity of post-move)

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