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FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities management
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  • Mar 23, 2024

FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities management

The unit FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities management is one of the difficult facility management components having an emphasis on efficiency Optimisation, effectiveness and complete facility operation performance. The main focus of the unit FMP413 is on the versatile managing operation aspects including activities to certify the goals and objectives of the organisation with alignment on the other hand to meet the regulatory requirements, the standard of quality meeting and expectations of stakeholders. The main aspect of this unit includes the facility operations with enhanced efficiency. The client task of facility managers is to analyse the inefficiencies, based areas and bottlenecks with the process of operation. with the identification of the resource utilisation, workflow and matrix of productivity managers can implement strategies to operations streamline, cost production and increase the available resources used.

Another significant main objective of this unit is to ensure the relevant regulation, compliance standards and policy of the organisation. The facilities manager has to keep a check on the change requirements of the regulatory and Standards of the industry for certifying the conductions of operations or going in the way which meets ethical and legal obligations. It includes the safety and health regulations complaints, building codes, environmental standards and other applied laws. performance monitoring is also the main Emphasis of this unit. Facilities managers can utilise the matrix of performance, KPIs performance indicators and techniques of benchmarking for getting accessibility of operation activities for effectiveness. By tracking the matrix of performance including maintenance cost, energy consumption, customer satisfaction, and uptime. Facility managers may identify the areas of improvement, Trends and Optimisation opportunities.

Moreover, this unit also includes the improvement initiative implementation to increase the performance of the organisation. Facility managers are responsible for implementing and developing strategies, best practices and initiatives with having aim of improving quality, productivity and efficiency within the operations of facilities. It can include:

  • New technology implementation
  • Adopting the principle of lean management
  • Investing in development programmes
  • Investing in staff training
  • Redesigning process for waste elimination

The complete aim of this unit is to make the learners master the essentials of facility management due to that, facilities managers can optimise and manage the performance of operations effectively Facilities Management. By increasing efficiency, certifying compliance, implementing initiatives of improvement and performance monitoring the managers may contribute to the complete sustainability and success of the facilities organisation on the other hand deliver the stakeholder`s values.

Unit objectives

Here are the main objectives of the unit FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities management:

  • To improve the process of operation and workflow for optimisation of resource utilisation and reduction of waste.
  • To certify that all the operations are with facility compliance including standards, relevant Regulations and policies of the organisation.
  • Continuous evaluation and assessment of the operational performance metrics for identifying the improvement areas and tracking the progress in terms of established goals.
  • To implement and develop the initiatives and Strategies for enhancing the performance of operations including new technology implementation, boosting training of staff, development programmes and streamlining procedures.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of the unit FMP413 Manage Operational Performance in Facilities Management are provided here:

LO1: Recognise the Facilities Management model delivery, operational performance components and the way of its implementation.
LO2: Potential to demonstrate the requirement of performance in services of Facilities Management.
LO3: Potential to manage the Facilities Management delivery for meeting the requirements.
LO4: Potential for analysing the operational performance of the services of Facilities Management.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit FMP413 Manage operational performance in facilities Management cope with the learning outcomes of it including:

LO1: Recognise the Facilities Management model delivery, operational performance components and the way of its implementation.

  • 1.1 Elaborate on the available techniques for elaborating and identifying the quality performance and functions of requirement in the Facilities Management.
  • 1.2 Describe and identify the variety of contract models and level agreements of service which may be employed and the way to identify the appropriate delivery of the Facility Management Service.
  • 1.3 Elaborate the termination ways with achievable objectives, keep performances and time scale indicators and the way to monitor them with the business objectives of the organisation that are relevant.
  • 1.4 Analyse the way of utilising benchmarks for the identification of the best practice as help to the monitoring of performance.
  • 1.5 Elaborate the analysing and gathering methods of data performance and utilise them for evaluating objective performance.

LO2: Potential to demonstrate the requirement of performance in services of Facilities Management.

  • 2.1 Recognise the service level, quality and performance expected and required in the services delivery of Facilities Management.
  • 2.2 Evaluate the required services for delivering the services of Facilities Management.
  • 2.3 Recognise the appropriate benchmark as best practice appropriate for the delivery of current service.
  • Demonstrate the criteria of assessment that must be evidenced with examples from the experience and case studies of the learners. The evidence should have the extensification and service definition in the document with the generated together with the policy details, documentation and procedures which are mandatory for providing quality assurance.

LO3: Potential to manage the Facilities Management delivery for meeting the requirements.

  • 3.1 Certify that the facility management objectives are delivered with measurability and achievability.
  • 3.2 Agree the service level can be delivered with relevant stakeholders
  • 3.3 Recording the agreement of service level in the contract or other format which is appropriate.
  • 3.4 Agree on a system that formats the performance management against specification and agreement.
  • 3.5 Analyse the domains for improvement and remedial actions.

The assessment criteria demonstrated above should be evidence with similar examples that were utilised before in the learning outcomes. The evidence must include keeping performance indicators with service level agreement for instance:

  • Delivery time or turnaround
  • Cost per head/unit/m2
  • Accuracy %
  • And the way in which the data can be collected and recorded for instance:
  • Helpdesk data of CAFM
  • Feedback forums on customer satisfaction
  • Spot samples

LO4: Potential for analysing the operational performance of the services of Facilities Management.

  • 4.1 Review the facility management delivery against the agreement requirement or specification for identification of opportunities to reduce cost and boost value.
  • 4.2 Record the service performance evaluation and present improvement suggestions for relevant stakeholders.

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