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The impact of COVID-19 on the educational arenas of the UK
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  • Apr 17, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the educational arenas of the UK

According to the hot researches, UK has gone through approximately 760 deaths and 14,579 confirmed cases of the novel COVID-19 across the UK. The outbreak of the pandemic is generating devastating aftermath in the overall economy of the country and not a single aspect of the country is intact. Most particularly, the higher education sector has been immeasurably affected by this prevalent novel COVID-19. This is a highly critical time for the students as they are encountering unpredictable troubles in continuing their education. However, to alleviate the contemporary situation of the country, several universities has collaborated with the UK government and local public health authorities to deal with the novel corona virus unitedly including, Universities UK, Universities UK International, Universities Scotland and Universities Wales. The education system has not completely ceased in this catastrophe, rather it is being substituted with the online teaching mode. The universities are considering and evaluating the short-term impacts and long-term impacts of academics so that they could control the spread of this life-threatening virus.

Furthermore, as per the statements of the Chairman of the Education Committee, the decision taken by Education Secretary and Ministers of the closure of the schools is highly prudent and thought-provoking with respect to the current drastic situation of UK. As far as the universities and campuses are concerned, there is not an absolute shutdown of the classes and activities over there. Being well-equipped with precautions and safety, some faculties are open for classes. Nonetheless, the students are not announced vacations since their degrees could be endangered due to the sudden front line scenario. For instance, the University of Buckingham has not made an ultimate move and has left the choice to be made by the students themselves on the basis of personal and academic factors. Additionally, the international students are stuck in their campuses since the whole world is hugely affected by the novel COVID-19 and majority of the countries have enforced strict policies in the flight systems.

Uncountable measures are said to be taken by the National Health Service (NHS) that mainly include social distancing. Therefore, in all this condition, students are confused and scared too as all the on-going activities of majority of the universities have paused or cancelled. Whereas, some of the universities are proposing online teaching method to students who feel comfortable in it. Since the education secretary has pronounced a temporary pause on face-to-face interaction of the students, teachers and faculty, the decision of elevating the educational setting to online mode is now being implemented in different educational atmospheres. In this case, teachers are recording lectures to deliver it online, faculty is devising videos and presentations to support the lectures, and the assessment will be taken online. With the exertions poured by the universities of UK, it is evident that the education system cares for the safety and well-being of the students and it is going to extreme lengths to ensure their minimal social interaction.

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