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Three Most Popular types of Essays
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  • Dec 29, 2017

Different types of Essays

An essay is a piece of written papers that can use to deliver information and writer view and argument about the certain subject or topic. An essay must be instructive for the users and readers that can provide a new way of thinking or change the opinion of the person who reads about the specific topic. An effective essay must include the information that must be basic and strong, facts and real-life examples that reader can easily understand. In the modern era, writing skills are very significant in every single field or for everyone. Nowadays, students and teenagers are surviving in the professional life just because of the lack of expertise in writing skills. Effective essay writing is an essential part to compete in the modern age and to complete their task in an accurate manner. There are some different types or style of essay writing to express the point of view and argument or to describe something on specific matters or subject. Some of it, discuss below to aware of the different types of essay writing:

Narrative Essays

In a narrative style of essay writing, writer or author express or write about the story, short stories or film, novels, articles or about the real-life incident. This is a very useful way of describing the incident and story in a form of dialogues, characters or in words. Advertisement for promotion and awareness about anything etc. is the very common and useful examples of the Narrative style of writing. The real example of this style can be the advertisement about the cigarette and its effect on human health.

Expository Essays

Expository style of essay writing contains an explanatory form of documents that can be deeply describing the subject, detail observation about any matter etc. This style contains the information based on facts and authentic information. The expository style of an essay can also be used to present their personal point of view to international events, politics, sports, work of art and so on.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive style of essay writing is very similar to the argumentative essays. It is just contrasted with the argumentative essay in a way that in persuasive style focus on to convince the reader to the author point of view and recommendations while the argumentative style focuses on the argue or proof with the opponent that the observations or concepts about the subject is true or not. Like an expository style of the essay, it also contains the information based on facts as we discuss above but the objective of this style of an essay is to convince the reader about the point of view of the author and adopt it.

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