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Various Psychological Challenges For College Students
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  • Nov 21, 2016

College Student Faces Various Psychological Challenges

According to the survey conducted by the national alliance on mental illness, one of every four students is suffering from any form of psychological illness out of which 40% student do not ask for any help. Don’t be scared of the college life, it is not all about the depression or anxiety; it is all about you and your life with new people at college. So it is better to struggle together to close the doors of psychological challenges and avoid bad habits as a college student. Ignoring psychological challenges will be devastating for the suffered students so it is significant to take the action as soon as possible.

Major psychological challenges

This blog will help you to recognize the various psychological illness college students are facing nowadays.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self Injury


It is the most common form of mental illness which can lead to suicide if not treated properly on time. Depression is a kind of mental disorder caused by the combination of psychological plus environmental factors.


It is a serious yet untreated disease that will generate the feeling of loneliness, downhearted, hopeless and will completely disconnect you from the outer world. It obstructs your life and makes it difficult for you to eat, work, study and sleep. You will start losing your interest in your activities and social circle. You lose your control on negative thoughts.

A possible natural solution of Depression:

Some natural remedies that will keep you away from depression are;

  • Exercise
  • Diary Writing
  • Joining Groups
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture


In today’s fast life, stress and anxiety are the part of life. Experiencing them occasionally does not mean you are having some physiological disorder. If you are anxious about your tough exam or interview call then it seems normal but anxiety disorder gets serious when it starts interfering your daily life routine. Many types of anxiety disorder exist. Once you understand your type, it will be easy for you to control your anxiety disorder and regain your peaceful lifestyle.


If you are upset about the little things on daily basis or you have the fear of being irrational among the eyes of other people for no reason then you must have to contact primary health care centre for proper treatment of anxiety. It will keep you worried and tense on a constant basis for no reason.

Possible natural solution of Anxiety

Below mentioned cheap solution can be followed at home for controlling anxiety.

  • Drink Chamomile Tea
  • Use Lavender fragrance
  • Light Therapy
  • Face the fear

Self Injury

When someone willfully harms own body without the intention to die is self-injury. People who are dealing with the irresistible emotions choose self-injury. It has been observed that self-injury in increasing among the college students most probably because of the severe and rigorous situations young people are facing in their colleges.


People going through self-injury try to hide their cuts and scars with clothing, which make it difficult to get noticed by others. These people love to spend time in isolation. They start spending long hours in locked rooms or washrooms. They get annoyed rapidly over little matters and shatter on others for no reason.

Possible natural solution of Self-Injury

  • Trust someone and share your thoughts
  • Go for Counseling
  • Do vigorous exercise like kickboxing
  • Listen to more music
  • Do Pillow punching
  • Take long bath

Students fail to deal with the pressure they received at college which results in depression, mood swings and negative thoughts which affect their academic life badly. Added the fear of not completing the work or assignments on time will push them in more trouble and mental health issues. Writing services providers are well aware of this fact and offer a wide range of writing service to the students to cover their academic assignment to release some pressure from their minds. Students who are already fighting with psychological problems can get the help of these assignments writing service provider to submit their assignment on time.

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