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Essay: Write a Short Note on Greek Civilization
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  • Jun 14, 2019

Short Note on Greek Civilization

This essay is all about Greek Civilization. The author of the essay has gathered all the useful information you need to know about this short note.

The ancient Greek civilization tale is a very excruciating history of foreign domination. The ancient Greek civilization is also very well sophisticated and had contributed to too many areas of world history. The philosophers in Greek have paved the ways for new civilizations to enhance their ideas and live with a new and modern concept. But the Greek civilization has been led by some efficient leadership and solid foundation that have systematically dominated the values that are still practiced in the Modern civilized countries and societies across the globe. The culture of the Greek civilization became the epitome of western culture and has been successfully accepted by the world to celebrate and flourish according to their culture (Sansone, 2016).

Geography of the Greek civilization is the integral parts in the development of the civilization which has impacted the cultural, political, social and economic growth of the Greek empire which is now featuring in some of ancient Greece and has also mark their dominance in the wider world. The Ancient Greek mainland is a peninsula which is spread across the Balkan areas in Southwestern Europe and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. The dominating feature of the Greek is marked by the geographical location which is tempted by the climate which is mainly suitable for people to live in the area for almost every time of the year. The moderate climatically condition has allowed the business to flourish and get involved in outdoor activities like athletics, public gathering, art shows, formal meetings and entertainment which are facilitating their development in the Greek culture (Burckhardt, 1999).

The other significant geographical feature in Greek civilization is the mountains which are covering more than 70% of the total area. The biggest advantage is a natural beauty and the purity of the culture which is preserved as the people of Ancient Greek had a rare interaction with the other cultures. The disadvantaging effect of the mountains is that these mountains are separating the communities from indulging with each other due to the slowing down of the communication process.

The only solution for meeting the issues was the thinking of the new ideology and to develop new cities which will embark as the emergence of achievements of the Greek civilization. This process will also indicate that small democratic governments are working much more in small states or cities and will also help the people to participate in a much more political affair and also will be helpful in defining the security measures and protection of the inhabitants. It is very easy to reflect the other dominating issues in small states like maintaining the law and order and to establish the policies that are governed by the government. There another major disadvantage of the feature is the area which is needed to farming as valleys and plains of the Ancient Greek are dedicated to farming and land was provided to the people. Adding to the disadvantage of the mountains is the poor soil fertilization and rocky lands which are not good for the domestication of the plants, but still, the people of Ancient Greek manage to cultivate grapes and olives. These people also domesticated cattle’s which is an alternative to farming and this allowed them to carry on with their living and supply enough food for the small states to survive.

Before living in the Dark Ages, people used to live in scattered houses which were developed into communities and small villages provided people with the chance to establish laws and modern democracy was flourished from this era. It is also worth mentioning that the framework of the Olympics is also connected with the creation of the Greek civilization (Thornton, 2002). Probably the last and the most important geographical feature is the sea which is providing all the amenities to the people of Greek to travel and trade. This natural feature provided a golden opportunity for the people to become sailors, fishers and even merchants. The shipbuilding industry booms in the era as new and modernized ships were built for people to pass through the narrow routes and also the people got a chance to showcase their talent in naval techniques. Also, the sea allowed the people to Greek to deal in marine time trading and get what they could not grow like oil, pottery, and wool; and also do business while exchanging the stuff with grains and other resources available with them. Fish became the staple food in Ancient Greek and the trade ideas also helped the people to get along with different communities across the border and gain further knowledge about the heritage and other cultural knowledge about the civilizations of their time.

Apart from the geographical identification of the Greek civilization, culture has always been the dominating part of the Greek civilization. From arts and craft to lovely paintings and sculptures, the beauty lies within the reach of the western culture. Greek civilization is known to be the landmark of the new foundation of modern society which is reshaping its horizon (Maier, 2011).

Some important aspects of Greek civilization:

  • The Greek civilization was amazed by their deep religious hierarchy and they used to worship GODS which were very close to the human face.
  • During the era of Neo-classical, the use of the building was very common and the architectural trends were completely changed and still today, many of the architectures follow the path of the Greek architectures.


The conclusion of this essay and short note is simple and straight. The Greek civilization is very successful and holds a number of qualities that have achieved them to lead the way through and stand with much more power and dominance in the region. The Greek people proved themselves as intelligent due to the number of philosophies which were used by them and the ideas many of which are still used by people in Europe today.

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