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FM3.01 Introduction To Facilities Management

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  • Mar 08, 2024

FM3.01 Introduction To Facilities Management

The unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management has the main function of exploring the foundation of the multipurpose field of Facilities Management. This unit provided comprehension due to which the learners can endeavour their equipment with the insightful and broad recognition of the essential practices and principles which are defined this discipline. At the core, the unit FM3.01 provides the learners with the establishment of a strong knowledge on the detailed of the fundamental concepts which are associated with Facilities Management. It also renders are complete overview that lays the groundwork for the learners to intricate the comprehension included in the optimisation and overseeing the environment building.

This unit also increases the concepts of students` theory and aims to familiarise them with the diverse integral components of facility management. It also emphasises the domains such as space planning, sustainability practices and safety protocols. By providing a comprehensive understanding of these facts the learners can increase their perspective which is well-rounded with the minor difficulties of the real-world scenarios in Facilities Management. The problem-solving solving and critical thinking skills also play the character of centre-stage in unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management. This unit also provokes the learners to generate their capabilities of the analytics that make them able to address and navigate the inherent challenges in Facilities Management. This is also based on the critical thinking that makes the individuals prepared to adapt to the dynamic Facilities Management nature where the skills of problem-solving are significant for good decision making.

In addition, the unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management also provides the exploration of the evolving roles of Facilities Management in terms of shifting requirements of the organisation and technical requirements. In this approach which is forward certified the learners about the significance of their trends of technology and adapting strategies to contemporary requirements alignment. Apart from the technical aspects, this unit also deals with professional responsibility sense. Learners also get the encouragement to stick to the contribution which is optimistic to sustain and efficiently the facilities function in various settings. This professionalism also underscores the significant role of the facilities managers in generating an environment that is efficient, sustainable and responsible socially. The unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management also serves as a comprehensive initiation in the Facilities Management field bringing together critical thinking skills, practical insights, theoretical foundations and perspectives which is forward-looking to generate the individuals for the complexities of management in versatile facilities and various domains.

Unit objectives

Let`s have a look at the main objectives of the unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management which makes it part of the course.

  • To implant knowledge about the significant concepts and principles which are reinforced with facilities management, and provide a general view of versatile aspects.
  • To make learners familiar with the diverse elements within the facility management that include space planning, maintenance, sustainability and safety with a well-rounded understanding.
  • Another focus of the unit is on the critical thinking development and skills of problem-solving utilised for Real-world scenarios of Facilities Management.
  • To cultivate knowledge about evolvement in Facilities Management`s role in technology in advancement adaptation and changing needs of the organisation.
  • To initiate a professional responsibility sense and encourage the learners to stick to ethical standards and optimistic contributions to sustainable and efficient facilities functioning in various environments.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of the unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management are presented here to get a better recognition of the course.

LO1: Recognise the Facilities Management nature.

LO2: Recognise the responsibilities delegated commonly to the facility management.

LO3: Recognise the versatile Facilities Management services delivery models.

LO4: Recognise the rules of Facilities Management in all ranges.

Assessment criteria

Here are the assessment criteria of the unit FM3.01 Introduction to Facilities Management which is based on the learning outcomes to make learners more recognised in the course.

LO1: Recognise the Facilities Management nature.

  • 1.1 Elaborate Facilities Management. Utilise appropriate definitions from a professional body including BIFM. Indicate the definition source.
  • 1.2 Demonstrate the difference between:
  • Facilities Management.
  • Other services support.
  • Core activities of the business.
  • Elaborate the Facilities Management role in:
  • Meeting the requirements of the user.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Business continuity maintenance.
  • Certifying regularity and legal compliance.

  • Support the social responsibility of corporations.

Utilise examples from the own experience of the learners or case studies to support the explanations.

LO2: Recognise the responsibilities delegated commonly to the facility management.

  • 2.1 Elaborate on the typical electrical and mechanical assets through which the facility management can be responsible and highlight the various maintenance requirements in assets.
  • 2.2 Demonstrate typical support service through which the responsibilities of Facilities Management will be seen.
  • 2.3 Analyse the typical risk to the facilities provision and highlight its arrangement which can be maintained and made for the continuity of business.

LO3: Recognise the versatile Facilities Management services delivery models.

  • 3.1 Highlight the versatile delivery models for Facilities Management, including partially outsourced, in-house, TFM “Total Facilities Management”, wholly outsourced and PFI “private finance initiative”.
  • 3.2 Elaborate the cross and comes of every model including quality, cost, compliance, and user satisfaction.

LO4: Recognise the rules of Facilities Management in all ranges.

  • 4.1 Elaborate on the significant functions of Management within the Facilities Management
  • Include examples of people management, contract management, financial management, assets management, risk management, compliance, safety and health management.
  • 4.2 Elaborate on the versatile roles that the facility managers can take and the responsibilities associated. With reference to tactical, strategic, and operational Facilities Management levels.

LO5: Elaborate the effective communication principles.

  • 5.1 Elaborate on the effective communication principles.
  • 5.2 Elaborate on versatile communication methods that a manager can utilise and when every method can be inappropriate or appropriate. Include verbal and written communication and the facilitation of Technology, one-to-one and situations of the group, face to face communication.
  • 5.3 Elaborate on the benefits and natures of active listening.

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